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being or having a random variable

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The primary function for which the Stochastics is used is the identification of overbought and oversold areas.
Next, the stock's oscillating stochastic number indicates BEAS may be positioned to push below recent prices.
In addition, market participants need to consider that INTU's near-term oscillating stochastic chart forecasts that a significant movement down is forthcoming.
Meanwhile, daytraders who follow near-term oscilating stochastic might observe a "short" indication produced in the last few sessions.
Short-term oscillating stochastic readings forecast USAI is primed for a fall below current levels.
Furthermore, recent stochastic figures point out that ADCT is close to a trend upward over the next week or so.
Technical analysis on the stock's oscillating stochastic number causes our researchers to believe that a trend down.
At the same time, near-term oscillating stochastic readings forecast the stock is at a juncture for a step lower.