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large venomous ray with large barbed spines near the base of a thin whiplike tail capable of inflicting severe wounds

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com/2017/12/30/record-sting-ray-injuries-73-in-huntington-beach-could-spell-trouble-for-new-years-splash/) report by The Orange County Register, 73 was a record number of victims who were injured by the stingrays.
Stingray , a leading business-to-business multiplatform music services provider, announced today the addition of Stingray Now 4K to its portfolio of 4K UHD specialty channels.
Nonie Enolva, spokesperson for BFAR in the Bicol region, said that the agency's personnel observed the presence of a species of parasite called Phyllobothrium delphini in stranded sea mammals, sharks and stingrays.
Auto Business News-November 28, 2014--Chevrolet reveals details of European-spec Corvette Stingray
As of February 26th, the Stingrays are ranked #1 in the United Football Federation, and #3 in the State of Florida amongst other semi-pro teams.
Bottom and Iman Borazjani, UB assistant professor of mechanical and aerospace engineering, set out to investigate the form-function relationship of the stingray - why it looks the way it does and what it gets from moving the way it does.
Penalties in minutes: Devils 6+2+9=17; Stingrays 6+4+9=19.
If you are skilled at filleting flounders you won't have much trouble transferring your talent to stingrays, for the procedure is nearly identical, the difference being that rays have cartilage in place of bones.
A powerplay failure shortly afterwards confirmed the impression and the Stingrays went 4-6 ahead on 49 minutes.
In coastal areas where stingrays are abundant, stingray-related injuries are increasing as humans increasingly use the nearshore marine environment.
The music is lively and positively toe-tapping as Downing musically celebrates penguins, crawfish, clams, amphibians, hermit crabs, seahorses, turtles, stingrays, sharks, and the circle of life in the seas, in the ocean, in the Amazon river, and in aquariums.
The Cardiff Devils continued their recent good form with a fourth consecutive win by beating Elite League new boys Hull Stingrays 5-4 on Saturday evening, writes Tony Woolway.
The star of Animal Planet's The Crocodile Hunter died while filming a new television series along Australia's Great Barrier Reel As Irwin swam after a fleet of stingrays, one attacked him, possibly in self-defense.
Eager TV stations desperate for footage of the magnificent and generally very friendly stingray queued up with their satellite trucks to film the Sea Life Centre's stingrays, which brought traffic chaos to this pleasant, and normally sedate corner of England.
He said people on beaches are quite safe from the giant stingrays which are about four or five feet in width and up to 40 pound weight.