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English blue cheese

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Victims aren't as quiet as they used to be, Stilton said.
2oz stilton 2oz cream cheese 4 ripe but firm red pears Half a lemon 2oz shelled walnuts roughly chopped 3 tablespoons of olive oil 1 tablespoon of fruit vinegar (cranberry or raspberry) salt and pepper
US food distributor Schratter Foods recalled a batch of Quenby Hall Stilton on 18 May after routine testing revealed listeria.
Fussy eater Sherrie scoffed: "I have to say broccoli and stilton gives me catarrh.
Reserve a spoonful of the dressing and toss the watercress and crumbled Stilton in the rest.
Jim Dickens, Sam Dickens, Andrew Stilton; Rob Meek, Richard Underwood, Prance Nasser; Wendy Merricks, Hanna Ihsan, Richard Blood, Myra Humphreys, Mary Kaye; John Taylor, Christella Golby, Andrew Stilton, Andy Kay, Richard Crouch; Charles Innes, Jill Gramann, William Barker, David Jewkes, Alex Toso, Mario Conti; John Pacione, Roger Critchley, Andrew Stilton, David Horsburgh, Paul Johnson
THE makers of Stilton cheese have come up with a unique, and on the face of it unappealing way to increase popularity for the famous blue cheese ( Stilton perfume.
225g/8oz lichester white Stilton with apricot cheese
THE combination of leeks and Stilton cheese is a very natural one but not often seen as leeks tend to be paired with other cheeses instead.
NIBBLING some high fat stilton cheese at Christmas may feel naughty, but it could be the perfect way to keep your bones healthy.
CELEBRITIES have joined with the Stilton Cheese Makers Association and the National Osteoporosis Society to promote awareness of osteoporosis.
A PPMA Award of Excellence has been won by Alpma GB Ltd for its automatic Stilton cheese binding machine.
COVENTRY'S young chef Jamie Williams, who works at The Savoy in London, rustles up a pear and stilton dish which can be a starter or main course.
You'd expect Stilton to pop up on at least one pizza at the inviting new Mandevilla restaurant in Westlake Village, chef Nick Blinoff uses it so often.
Milk link has ditched its Stilton brand, True Blue, less than a year after launch in favour of own-label and named creamery Stilton.