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Top with the ham and mayonnaise mix, then finish with a slice of Stilton and the bun lid.
HARD SOFT CHEDDAR STILTON Luxury British Cave-Aged Goat's Cheese, PS2.25 for 150g, Iceland Goat isn't for everyone, but giving it a go is the first step to loving it.
In "Operation: Shufongfong", Geronimo Stilton is back in new comic stories based on the animated series, now airing on Netflix.
Iceland's PS2 Luxury British Blue Stilton also beat a PS10 type by Booths, hailed for its "tangy taste".
INGREDIENTS (serves four) 2 x medium sized broccoli heads 1 x onion 1 x clove of garlic 1.5ltr good quality chicken stock Olive oil Seasoning Cheddar or Stilton to garnish METHOD Take about a centimetre off the bottom of the broccoli stems, wash the remainder and separate into florettes - slice remaining stock into 2cm rings.
Taste the Difference Cheese Board (625g), PS15, Sainsbury's Blue Stilton, Barber's West Country Farmhouse Extra Mature Cheddar, Shropshire Red Cheese, Chatel Cornish Brie and Soignon Goats Cheese Enjoy with Malbec
It's all due to Professor Charles Stilton, who seems to thrive on heated exchanges with his peers and underlings, and tensions flare one night after he disrespects Robbie's friend, graduate student Lou.
The range of 'posh pork pies' has secured Tottle its listing into Sainsbury's with the launch of Pork & Long Clawson Stilton and The Real McCoy.
Kevin Turner, from Aldershot, Hampshire, created the sausage, which includes Mangalitsa pork, truffles, Stilton cheese, powdered cep mushrooms and vintage 1947 port, to mark British Sausage Week from November 2-8.
They were given lessons on making Scotch eggs and steak, ale and Stilton pies by apprentices at the firm, which runs hundreds of pubs in Wales and the west of England.
INGREDIENTS 1 ready-to-bake ciabatta loaf 1tbsp olive oil About 225g Stilton 1/2 a jar (290g) of beetroot pickle, or other pickle or chutney A handful of celery leaves, taken from the middle of a head of celery METHOD Preheat the oven to 200C/ Gas Mark 6/Fan 180C.
INGREDIENTS: 1 x 8ins loose-based flan tin, lined with short crust pastry (shop bought or homemade) 250g chopped spinach Nutmeg 170g stilton cheese - crumbled 3 egg yolks or 2 large eggs 300ml pint single cream or 150ml creme fraiche Salt, black pepper, paprika A few fresh chopped herbs according to taste - chives are good METHOD: 1.
According to the Times of Israel, Thea Stilton and the Blue Scarab Hunt: A Geronimo Stilton Adventure, in which Geronimo's sister, Thea, goes on an archaeological adventure in Egypt and has to outsmart thieves in pursuit of a precious scarab, offers young readers its own, somewhat altered, version of the Middle East.
Perl Las, Stilton and Roquefort are enhanced by sweetness, so match Perl Las with a Sauternes or stilton with a Port | 5.