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Almost half the women who suffered a stillbirth sought help from midwives and doctors because the baby's movements had slowed - but some were turned away.
The findings suggest that almost 1,500 stillbirths and newborn deaths were averted in the first four years after the law to prohibit smoking in public places was enacted on July 1, 2007.
According to the report, stillbirths continue to be more common among women who smoke, have a body mass index more than 25, are under 20, live in relative poverty, and among Maori and Pacific mothers.
Overall, statistics indicated that First Nations women had stillbirths at a rate of 1.
According to global surveys, India witnesses the highest number of stillbirths in the world.
Far from being an inevitable tragedy, a significant proportion of these deaths are potentially avoidable," she says, pointing out that while neonatal deaths have fallen in the UK, during the same period the numbers of stillbirths and perinatal deaths related to events in labour stayed at around 500 deaths a year.
While there are well-documented risk factors for stillbirth, such as smoking and obesity, the majority of stillbirths happen in pregnancies that were considered low risk until the baby died.
However, the statistics were not as high as the stillbirth rate for London, which remains at 0.
O'Neill and her associates said, 'Almost 50% of the explained stillbirths in this cohort were due to antenatal complications (including placental abruption /infarction, intrauterine growth restriction, preeclampsia, prematurity, and poor placental growth).
Data were collected on stillbirths in the network's coverage area between 2006 and 2008.
ANI ): In an attempt to reduce the number of stillbirth, scientists claimed to have developed the world's first blood test that will aid in monitoring a fetus and determining the chances of stillbirth.
Stillbirths occur due to different reasons, including complications with the placenta.
Every year around the globe there are more than two million stillbirths, yet stillbirth is generally treated as a non-event, considered less impactful than the death of a life-born child.
5] In addition, to identify causes of stillbirths, a new classification system was developed, [6] different classification systems were compared, [7] pre-pregnancy risks for antepartum stillbirths were addressed, [8] an international meeting was held to develop consensus on the classification of stillbirths, [9] and a new system for determining causes of stillbirth was suggested.
HEALTH Minister Mark Drakeford vowed yesterday to "break the silence" surrounding the issue of stillbirths to tackle the high numbers of stillborn babies in Wales.