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Synonyms for stifle

Synonyms for stifle

to hold (something requiring an outlet) in check

to decrease or dull the sound of

to keep from being published or transmitted

to stop the breathing of

Synonyms for stifle

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The stifle joint was accessed via a lateral parapatellar approach.
Radiographic images of the limb revealed progressive, marked periarticular osteophytosis along the proximal right tibiotarsus and femur, indicating severe osteoarthrosis of the stifle joint (Fig 4a and b).
Diagnostic accuracy of a short-duration 3 Tesla magnetic resonance protocol for diagnosing stifle joint lesions in dogs with non-traumatic cranial BMC Veterinary Research 2013; 9:40.
Arthroscopically assisted surgery of the stifle joint.
Surgical knee disarticulation procedure demonstrated in a northern cardinal cadaver, (a) Circumferential skin incision at the level of the stifle, (b) Placement of a circumferential modified Miller's knot around the distal femur encircling the musculature and vasculature, (c) Appearance of the ligation (arrow) after tightening of the knot, (d) Transection of the stifle joint and surrounding soft tissue, (e) Appearance of the amputation site after closure of the skin.
Articular cartilage discs (n=30) 5 mm in diameter were harvested from pig stifle joints.
Palpation revealed moderate soft tissue swelling over the stifle and the proximal portion of the tibiotarsus, with a mild increase in internal and external rotational mobility of the stifle joint.
The stifle joint capsule and the cranial and caudal cruciate ligaments were ruptured; the medial and lateral collateral ligaments were intact.
The hypothesis is that implants used for bone stabilization after tibial tuberosity advancement are of sufficient rigidity to support forces acting on the stifle joint during normal locomotion.
Full-thickness cylindrical defects, 5mm diameter by 7mm depth, were created bilaterally in the central part of the patellofemoral groove of both stifle joints.
Postural abnormalities of fetal limbs occupy second position and these were because of twinning or erroneous attempts to relieve dystocia besides flexion of shoulder, elbow, hip and stifle joints.
Draught purpose cattle and buffaloes are more prone (Singh and Rishi Tayal, 1995) and hip and stifle joints are affected with higher frequency (Scott et al.
Radiographs of the stifle joints and coxofemoral joints were normal (Fig.