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United States photographer (1864-1946)

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Toxicological tests carried out on hair samples from 96 volunteers living around the Thar Jath oil processing plant in South Sudan's northern Unity region revealed they were "highly intoxicated with pollutants such as lead and barium," said Stieglitz.
In terms of confirmed features, Stieglitz said the v256 UI will have a "lot of new functionality" including "right-click context menus and better org for remote inventories.
This immediate biographical focus puts O'Keeffe's relationship with Stieglitz centre stage.
Abraham (right), 35, has predicted he will beat Stieglitz for a third time and then continue his career for another two years - or around another eight fights with Stieglitz.
As much as the pictorialists, including Stieglitz in his early career, turn away from a transparent conception of the photographic medium and a corresponding attachment to objective representation, they nonetheless remain beholden to the rigid subject-object configuration that underpins composite imagery (even while shifting their emphasis towards the subjective dimension thereof).
From 1902-1917, Stieglitz published and edited Camera Work, in which he printed photographs and articles concerning the fine arts.
We've watched Andre Ward, we've watched Jermain Taylor, Stieglitz and we've even gone back and watched old fights with Wayne Elcock at middleweight when he was at his best.
Passing through New York, he visited the famous Albert Stieglitz (7864-7946), photographer, publisher, gallerist, impresario, and founder of the Camera Club of New York.
Gil Stieglitz, author, pastor, seminary professor, and church consultant maintains that in the same way that physical and social discipline has become a part of your life spiritual disciplines are a normal part of the process of holiness.
The Alfred Stieglitz Collection goes on view at the Bentonville museum on Nov.
Robert Stieglitz defeated Arthur Abraham to once again become the WBO super middleweight title.
Two- division world champion "King" ARTHUR ABRAHAM will defend his WBO super middleweight crown against the former champion he dethroned, ROBERT STIEGLITZ, in a rematch of their "Fight of The Year"-contender of last summer.
From his headquarters at the 291 Galleries on New York's Fifth Avenue, Stieglitz was busy preparing a special issue of the journal, which championed art photography, in general, and the movement known as pictorialism.
BERLIN -- World WBO super middleweight champion Arthur Abraham will defend his title with a rematch against German compatriot Robert Stieglitz on March 23.
The 24 scenes of Gotham's landmarks and neighborhoods are by such important names as Alfred Stieglitz, Paul Strand and Walker Evans.