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drawing of a human or animal that represents the head by a circle and the rest of the body by straight lines

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But the houses are on fire, the lorry is running over people, the helicopters are raining down death and the stickmen are killing with machine guns and machetes.
Stickmen Studios and the University of Auckland have teamed up to customize a robot with gaming facilities that will help elderly people stay active through interactive games.
In all, nearly 400 people were picked to work as card dealers, stickmen and boxmen at the craps tables, and croupiers at the roulette wheels.
Again and again we see Grosz nostalgically reprising his own achievement--for example, in such graphic pieces as Siegfried Hitler, 1935; So Smells Defeat, 1937; and Stickmen Meeting Members of the Bourgeois, 1946--and also those of his '20s colleagues, as in Peace, 1944, which borrows the devastated landscape from Otto Dix's series "Der Krieg" (War), 1924.
The exercises can be viewed and printed as either sketches or photos, both of which are good quality and certainly easier for patients to follow than the stickmen that I'm used to drawing
A circle with a line running diagonally (the "not-permitted" symbol) was super-imposed on the stickmen.
I have seen it mooted that all those prehistoric drawings done on cave walls by Ug and Ag, of furry bison being hunted by stickmen with spears were actually billboard inducements for fresh meat and fur coats, thus making advertising the oldest profession.
But personally the extent of my talent in that area was to draw stickmen and to replicate the rudimentary profile in that famous matchbook ad headlined DRAW ME and which promised to appraise one's artistic talent as part of a search for prospective students for some art school.
Pissarro, with little academic training and experience of life-classes or anatomical study, was inexpert in drawing figures in motion, as can be seen from the stickmen cricketers in the companion-piece, Cricket on Kew Green (Musee de Lyon).
You're a little stickman ninja, battling against hordes of other little stickmen ninjas.
This cornucopia of musical pastiche featured 12 drum solos in the style of various stickmen legends, some jazzfunk showoff noodlings, and of course the full on catchy rockouts of The Giants' chart appearances over the last 18 years.
Once the powwow begins, it is run by the master of ceremonies, and the arena directors, who are sometimes called the Stickmen.
This is a self-centered country, satisfied with stickmen as leaders and unwilling to take any risks or make any sacrifices to improve things.
Guitarist Andy Demirjian of Boston's hard-rocking Stickmen believes the coast-to-coast reach of MTV has diluted regional music scenes across the country.
The Farah Vintage collection is based on the aesthetics of the brand during its hugely successful time in the 1970's and 80's in the UK, when it was the must have label amongst fashion savvy hipsters including the Mods, Skins, Stickmen and Rocker Billy's.
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