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drawing of a human or animal that represents the head by a circle and the rest of the body by straight lines

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As anyone who caught their adaptation of the Pirate Gran books at the Edinburgh Festival, or this version of Gruffalo creators Julia Donaldson and Axel Scheffler's Stickman the last time it was here will know, Scamp Theatre are experts at creating dazzling children's shows with heart for a visual feast.
I clicked on the street view option; sometimes you have to grab the little stickman from the toolbar and drag it to the area you would like clisplayed.
SH: I love Christopher Ford's Stickman Odyssey: An Epic Doodle.
In the absence of photographic evidence we quickly tweeted a stickman sketch of the incident that turned out to be uncannily accurate.
The play on material combined with the funny titles--Stickmanwerewolf Runs Away with Princessstormtrooper, Magritte McGrape and Stickman with Upside Down Heart Pants--makes me smile.
Design contractors on the project include SSRS, which worked on the public areas and lobby, Stickman, which designed the restaurants and the spa, WA International, responsible for the supperclub Izel and Arabtec.
A feature lamp in the form of a stickman sitting on a chair won Matthew Clark of Ysgol Eirias, Colwyn Bay the AS level award.
Rating 83% PUT SIMPLY, IT'S STICKMAN SNIPING Title Clear Vision (17+) Platform iPhone Genre Shooter Price 69p ASIN N/A Slick, sinister and sticky in more ways than one, Clear Vision proves that no-holds-barred gaming doesn't have to rely on award-winning graphical prowess and production values to produce a game that will live long in the memory.
Super Stickman Golfis a fun, fast-paced golfing game that has a lot in common with classic tank-shooter Scorched Earth: Pick the angle and power of your shot and let 'er rip.
The ITB Asia Stickman project will take place over a year, starting from October 19, 2011, until ITB Asia 2012 - or when the target of 250 photographs has been reached.
Vocal duties are now taken up by ex Rainbow vocalist Doogie White and the drum stool is occupied by respected ex Gillan and Firewind stickman Mark Cross.
Distinct "drawing" responses that were trained to each of three stimuli within one class were the separate components of a stickman at A1 (head), C1 (torso and arms), E1 (legs; see Figure 1).
Emotions ran high at the inquest today as the jury was shown a crude police sketch of a stickman representing where Mr de Menezes fell in a Tube carriage after being killed.
Leo - from University of Lincoln Stickman Returns and Julian Barnes - from Birmingham Institute of Art and Design, University of Central England