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small (2-4 inches) pugnacious mostly scaleless spiny-backed fishes of northern fresh and littoral waters having elaborate courtship

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Two species of endangered threespine stickleback fish lived in the lake.
Many other males look a lot dressier than their females too--from peacocks to great purple hairstreak butterflies to stickleback fish.
Breeding ecology and evidence of reproductive isolation of a widespread stickleback fish (Gasterosteidae) in Nova Scotia, Canada.
He explains the distinction with interesting examples, such as Tinbergen's ethology of stickleback fish mating rituals and the developmental human psychology of Piaget and Bruner.
The research, led by Swansea University biosciences expert Dr Andrew King, found male stickleback fish were far more likely to "boldly go" on missions to find food and were more willing to take risks than females.
McGill University professor Andrew Hendry, from the Department of Biology and the Redpath Museum, and evolutionary geneticists at Basel University in Switzerland, studied how threespine stickleback fish adapted to lake and stream environments in British Columbia, Canada.
Even animals get annoyed, they note, from stickleback fish fuming over the color red to mice genetically engineered to be the angriest rodents on the planet.
And the water was alive with a whole variety of creepy-crawlies, from caddis fly larvae to brightly-coloured stickleback fish.
Fully-protected endangered species that inhabit the area include the Southwestern arroyo toad and the unarmored threespine stickleback fish, whose survival would be threatened by the mine, Skapik said.
That includes sea horses and stickleback fish, who stand out without being able to stand up.
When the nest is finished, female stickleback fish swim through the tunnel.
The scientists found that parasitic worms infecting stickleback fish grew four times faster in experimentally infected sticklebacks raised at 20 degrees than when raised at 15 degrees.
Hidden genes, big changes Modern genetic tests are also shedding light on evolutionary changes chronicled in the fossil record of stickleback fish that lived about 10 million years ago in a Nevada lake.
The study, carried out on male stickleback fish, showed those given a carotenoid supplement developed a red throat patch - which attracted more females.
Endangered or threatened species: unarmored three spined stickleback fish, least Bell's vireo songbird, Southwestern arroyo toad, Southern steelhead trout, Southwestern pond turtle.