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A few months ago the zoo only had one stick insect to contend with but now they've got more than 600 and don't have space for them.
Several weeks ago the zoo had one stick insect but now the numbers have soared to almost 2000.
TROPICAL DELIGHTS: Tim Jenkins (left) with a giant stick insect.
The bewildered grandmother, of Cross Street, said: "We couldn't believe it when we saw how many eggs the stick insects were laying.
A bewitching array of performers dressed as bees, grasshoppers, stick insects, dragonflies, ladybirds and every other bug you can think of showcase the extreme physical feats the body is capable of.
Stick insects are good at disguising themselves as twigs or tree leaves, making them hard to notice.
There will also be all sorts of bugs and creepy crawlies for the visitors to see, with those attending able to view - and buy - a variety of arachnids, scorpions, stick insects and other insects.
When we had finished we returned to the classroom but when we got there some stick insects had invaded and were sleeping on our desks.
Insects under the microscope include giant African land snails, hissing cockroaches, tarantulas and stick insects whilst youngsters can interact with snails, stick insects and cockroaches as part of the 'Meet the Bugs' sessions.
A colony of stick insects are eating their way through one of Scotland's most important collection of plants.
IT was a case of mistaken identity for a group of Macleays spectre stick insects when they relocated from Edinburgh Zoo.
Suzuki (2010) studied the Japanese stick insects and mentioned that Megacrania occurs in Iriomote Island (one of Okinawa Islands in Japan).
BRUSSELS bureaucrats have come in for stick from a Midland maths boffin - following legislation that could see stick insects BANNED from sale.
Also in the menagerie was an albino ferret and a selection of creepy crawlies, including spiders and stick insects.
The walking sticks pictured look like twigs, but other stick insects look like leaves.