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a form of baseball played in the streets with a rubber ball and broomstick handle

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Aside from many visits to Ebbets Field and the Brooklyn Dodgers, I remember in particular going to the Olympic tryouts of the American High Diving Team in Forest Hills--a far cry from Hewes Street stick ball.
That side arm lob he threw in slow pitch stick ball stuck with him even as he converted to pitching for regulation baseball at school and for the American Legion team he was invited to join at age fifteen.
Having finished their major work for the evening, the maintenance crew decided to play an unscheduled, late-night game of stick ball.
Others are affixes with steeply angled stoops that suggest kids playing stick ball and neighbors swapping tales.
Pentech International's brands include Pentech(R), Softech, Stick Ball, Hot Spots(R), RUBZ(R), and Fireworks(R), as well as products made under license from Mattel's Barbie(TM), Coca-Cola(R), Disney's Mickey Mouse(c), Digimon(c) and the NFL and the NBA, among others.