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a woman steward on an airplane

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As one executive explained, when Boeing Air hired the first US stewardesses in 1930, "the flapper type of girl" need not apply.
Fadel said the hijabs would not affect the work of stewardesses and would be optional attire.
Paradoxically, Nisei stewardesses, though genuine pioneers, came to resemble more aviatrixes of the 1930s (as proverbial spectacle providers) even though their work as flight attendants was on par with that of their Caucasian counterparts.
Her work is based on interviews and correspondence with former Pan Am stewardesses and is supplemented with training manuals.
Union-oriented stewardesses considered the AFL-CIO and its affiliates too blue collar, Barry explains, especially given the wage of glamour that was central to a stewardess's identity.
A source said last night: "Russell seems to have a thing for air stewardesses.
Yet, the more the airlines tied their fortunes to the sex appeal of their stewardesses, the more out of place these men became.
In the 1930s the first stewardesses were registered nurses who not only escorted passengers but repaired loose chairs, loaded baggage, and carried a railroad timetable to help passenger planning
Malaysia Airlines cabin crew members have said that they may sue the producers of a local movie over a scene where stewardesses are referred to as "toilet cleaners".
AIR stewardesses are facing record levels of harassment from passengers and bosses.
TWO stewardesses were frog-marched off a British Airways flight by police for being drunk on duty yesterday.
The Finnish association for stewards and stewardesses has said that it will take the case further.
PINT-SIZE air stewardesses are about to take to the skies for the first time after receiving their wings in a special ceremony.