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United States theoretical physicist (born in 1933)


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Writers represented in this section include the novelist Tom Wolfe and Nobel laureate Steven Weinberg.
Physicist Steven Weinberg is one of the outstanding scientists today.
1925-2008), and Steven Weinberg (1933-) can illuminate in a way no single text--no matter how avant-garde--could.
Scientists like Steven Weinberg consider human exploration of the planet to be overly complicated and not useful to science.
A number of notable scientists, including Stephen Hawking and Steven Weinberg, have proclaimed that physicists were closing in on a "final theory," a theory that would complete the theoretical edifice of physics and thus bring physics to a close in a critically important way (Hawking, 1998; Weinberg, 1992).
Steven Weinberg, a Nobel laureate in physics who is also a rather outspoken atheist, concluded his excellent description of the way in which modern cosmology has been able to understand the universe from the first minutes of the big bang by asking what meaning can be derived from this knowledge.
Professor Steven Weinberg, Nobel laureate from Harvard University, writes that "in the 1950s, the study of the early universe was widely regarded as not the sort of thing to which a respectable scientist would devote his time .
For these reasons Steven Weinberg has written "These electric dipole moments .
He is also familiar with the popular nontechnical writings of scientists like Stephen Hawking, Stephen Jay Gould, and Steven Weinberg that are sometimes slanted against belief systems.
Davalos, who was involved in a car collision in Dallas County, sued the other driver, Steven Weinberg, in Matagorda County for negligence, according to court records.
At one point Segre quotes from another gifted scientific writer, Steven Weinberg, in explaining his "justification" for studying such questions: "The effort to understand the universe is one of the very few things that lifts human life a little above the level of farce and gives it some of the grace of tragedy.
They read Kuhn's argument as well as critiques of Kuhn's argument by philosopher Stephen Toulmin and physicist Steven Weinberg.
Nobel Laureate Steven Weinberg points out that there is no need for such a being in order to explain the emergence of the universe if you understand the laws of modern quantum physics.
reason: The evolutionary psychologist's account of human behavior is clear and succinct, but as the physicist Steven Weinberg says, "The more comprehensible the universe becomes, the more pointless it seems.
Butler may be partially right, in that countries with wide-ranging high-tech capabilities can achieve deterrence with conventional weapons, but poorer states with security concerns may find nuclear weapons to be very cost-effective, as Steven Weinberg has recently argued in the New York Review of Books (July 18, 2002).