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the unit of solid angle adopted under the Systeme International d'Unites


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2]/4[pi] (where G is the gain) and integrating over all 4[pi] steradians of space, the total power delivered to the load can be calculated.
5] steradians, an expression can be obtained for the noise flux density of the sun (in W/[m.
If the communication requirement is for the entire quadrant (hemispherical coverage), the function is normalized by [Pi]/2, the solid angle in steradians in a single quadrant.
Provided that the surface of the flat sensor is held perpendicular to a line from the source to the sensor, measurements with a flat sensor can also be used to estimate fluence rate provided three conditions are met: (1) there is a single UV source; (2) reflections from room surfaces, particularly those that are not within the 2[pi] steradian viewing angle of the flat sensor, are not significant; and (3) the sensor is not too close to the source.
For a cylindrical sensor, however, the conditions that need to be met will be less stringent than for a flat sensor: (1) measurement of fluence rate for multiple sources may be feasible; (2) reflections from room surfaces will be received over a 4[pi] steradian viewing angle; and (3) when the UV source is a linear lamp, a cylindrical sensor allows measurements to be made significantly closer to the source than a flat sensor provided the sensor is properly oriented.