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United States paleontologist and popularizer of science (1941-2002)


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Sacks also writes with feeling about his immediate family, almost all of them doctors, as well as his lasting friendships with the likes of evolutionary biologist Stephen Jay Gould, the Nobel Prize-winning scientist Francis Crick and the poet Thom Gunn.
LeGuin, William James, Stephen Jay Gould, Plato, and Dalai Lama.
In the journal Natural History, Stephen Jay Gould remarked that "over time Mickey Mouse had been drawn more and more to resemble an infant with a bigger head, bigger eyes, and so forth." Gould suggested that this change in Mickey's image was intended to increase his popularity by making him appear "cuter".
Parts of it remind me of autobiographies by scientists, or of the "creative nonfiction" of superb science writers like Lewis Thomas and Stephen Jay Gould. To me, it reads like an engaging, interesting informal essay.
En esta obra, se analizan los escritos de divulgacion de seis cientificos especialmente influyentes en nuestra actual percepcion de la ciencia: tres biologos (Stephen Jay Gould, Richard Dawkins y Edward O.
It is nicely written, and will be of interest to readers interested in history, fossils, Australia, natural landscapes, or the work of other science writers and lyric essayists like Stephen Jay Gould, Sue Hubbell, Lewis Thomas, or Annie Dillard.
The book's quote from the late paleontologist Stephen Jay Gould captures the artist's genius: "Not since the Lord himself showed his stuff to Ezekiel in the valley of dry bones had anyone shown such skill in the reconstruction of animals from disarticulated skeletons." When this type of skill, imagination, and ability to complete exhaustive projects came together, the results were magnificent.
Indeed, Glad points out that Richard Lewontin, Steven Rose, Leon Kamin and Stephen Jay Gould attacked the genetic science of the high heritability of intelligence and personality qualities on which eugenics was based.
The theory comes not from the history books or the form books but from a book by Harvard professor Stephen Jay Gould called Life's Grandeur.
"The Science and Humanism of Stephen Jay Gould" analyzes the famed scientist and philosopher's work and opinions on the world to further understand his contributions to evolutionary theory and the understanding of human nature, and where are we going.
EVER SINCE DARWIN by Stephen Jay Gould (OUT OF PRINT) The first of Gould's several collections of essays on the natural world, and the first I read--the combination of style and science made quite an impact
Wallace, Ernst Haeckel, Robert Hooke, Matthias Schleiden, Theodor Schwann, William Bateson, Stephen Jay Gould, and Richard Dawkins.
Aware of critiques against racism that have worn in the garb of science, the editors point readers to naturalist Stephen Jay Gould's The Mismeasure of Man (New York, 1981) as an example in which a scientist identified the errors in presumably accurate efforts to determine the intelligence of people of different races.
Since then, according to paleontologist Stephen Jay Gould, "Everything we've called culture and civilization we've built with the same body and brain."