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measuring instrument for recording the number of steps taken in walking

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Power consumption of the step counter is low, typically less than 30 [micro]A, which helps maximize battery life in portable devices.
Most phones already come with monitor movement apps in the form of step counters.
They were also instructed to increase their daily activity, use a step counter, reduce calorie intake and use a food diary while monitoring their body weight on a daily basis.
Fitness trackers were another popular new item, with Fitbug releasing a new Bluetooth-connected step counter in the Orb, and Withings revealing a tiny, 8g Smart Activity Tracker that measures steps, incline and, with the touch of a finger, a wearer's pulse rate.
Item Price Step counter Calorie counter Sportline $10-$15 Yes No 330 Basic Yamax $20-$25 Yes Yes Digiwalker Omron $25-$30 separately when more Yes HJ-112 walking or jogging than 60 steps per minutes continuously minute or more than 10 Omron $40-$50 Yes, plus aerobic steps are Yes HJ-720ITC tracked I separately when walking or jogging more than 60 steps per minute or more than 10 minutes continuously Item Distance Memory Security Software calculator leash Sportline No No No No 330 Basic Yamax Yes 7 days + 2-week No No Digiwalker totals Omron Yes 7 days Yes No HJ-112 Omron Yes 7 days Yes Yes HJ-720ITC (displayed); 42 days (in memory)
This week they have played badminton and counted the number of steps they took, measured on a step counter - around 5,321 for some.
Hild notes that Smart Health's Step Counter, Heart Rate Monitor watch (at a suggested retail price of $39.
Nurses spend a lot of time on their feet; a step counter can track the steps taken.
My Girl Scout troop was doing a fitness badge and we were each given a step counter to hook to our back pockets.
Finally, my Bulgarian friends and I are now eating mainly fruit and vegetables, avoiding red meat, not smoking, and measuring our daily exercise quota with an electronic step counter.
The women were shown how to set and reset the step counter to zero.
Don't exhaust yourself before a big night," says celeb exercise guru, Joanna Hall, author of the new Step Counter Diet.
One of the simplest ideas you might consider suggesting is the use of a step counter or pedometer.
One simple idea you might consider suggesting is the use of a step counter or pedometer.