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a slender tube inserted inside a tubular body part (as a blood vessel) to provide support during and after surgical anastomosis

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Patients undergoing stenting had no major strokes on the side of the brain supplied by the repaired artery, whereas people getting endarterectomies had five major strokes in the side of the brain supplied by the repaired artery.
To minimize the surgical trauma and scarring and to avoid larger operations, particularly the external approach, stenting of the FSOT and neo-ostium should be considered.
Professor Grube added that "Today there is disagreement among clinicians when comparing provisional stenting and the two-stent approach.
This renowned group, in addition to being a leading French Interventional center, is distinguished worldwide for its work in bifurcation stenting," Davis added.
The stent's self-expanding feature minimizes trauma following deployment and virtually eliminates flow disturbances, usually caused by stent malapposition and intricate stenting techniques.
Tryton's Side-Branch Stent eliminates the need for provisional side branch stenting by preserving the side branch without compromising access to the main vessel," said Professor Patrick Serruys, Head of the Department of Interventional Cardiology, Thoraxcenter, Erasmus Medical Center - Rotterdam, the Netherlands.
Carotid stenting is one of the next great medical frontiers, and treatment of carotid artery disease, stroke and other peripheral-related conditions is expected to grow rapidly during the next five years.
TLR is the rate of re-treatment of patients after coronary stenting and is widely viewed by physicians as an important clinical marker of drug eluting stent effectiveness.
When you do small vessel stenting, you want the stent to be small and you want it to be flexible.
With RX HERCULINK's legacy of proven deliverability and the advantages of cobalt chromium, the RX HERCULINK ELITE Biliary Stent System is the next generation of biliary stenting technology," said Ron Lattanze, president, Endovascular Solutions, Guidant Corporation.
The Endeavor stent was successfully placed in 98 percent of patients undergoing direct stenting and in 99 percent of patients where vessels were pre-dilatated.
com/reports/c21484) has announced the addition of Carotid Stenting - Technology & Market Forecast to their offering.
TLR is the rate of retreatment of patients after coronary stenting and is widely viewed by physicians as a critical clinical marker of drug eluting stent effectiveness.