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large tropical ferns

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This is further supported by the abundance of typical climbing ferns, of the spore type Stenochlaena palustris especially at the lower part of the succession (1.5 m); this spore is common during the early development of peat swamps and is widely confined to the transitional mangrove-shallow peats (CampnospermaCyrtostachys-Zalacca sub-association), which occurs prior to succession of Phasic Community I (Anderson and Muller, 1975).
The dominant non-arboreal pollens are represented by Asplenium type spores throughout the succession especially from 0.5 to 0 m, with some minor occurrences of Polypodium and Stenochlaena palustris.
This is further supported by the abundance of Stenochlaena palustris peaking at 1.0 m.
Pollen types such as Blumeodendron that are known to be abundant in phasic community I (Anderson and Muller, 1975), Campnosperma (abundant in PC I), Parastemon (abundant in PC I and PC IV to VI) and Stenochlaena palustris (abundant in mangrove to shallow peat transition zones and PC I) are also present (Anderson and Muller, 1975).
1 Daun jebuk Celosia argentea 1 Pako' & Cangkok 1 Local Names Percentage Cangkok 8.5 Daun empasa' 6.4 Daun ensabi 5.0 Kebari 4.7 Tebu 3.8 Retak 3.8 Empusut 2.6 Terong 2.4 Daun subung 0.9 Terong pipit 1.0 Lia' 0.7 Kacang (Cabe) 0.7 Terong cina 0.2 Buah rampo' 0.2 Buah empasa' 0.2 Pisang 0.2 Daun entaban 0.2 Daun jebuk 0.2 Pako' & Cangkok 0.2 Agroforests Products Local Names Probable Latin Names Frequency Ai' ijuk [Wine of] Arenga pinnata 48 Buah rian Durio zibethinus [durian] 32 Buah sibau Nephelium reticulatum 17 Buah pedalai Artocarpus sericicarpus 15 Dedabai Canarium odontophyllum 13 Kayo' api [Firewood, various kinds] 13 Bukoh Artocarpus integer 13 Engkabang Shorea macrophylla 9 Ketuntum 8 Kulat [mushroom] 6 * Kemiding Stenochlaena spp.
Marsh Swamp is a treeless shallow water body dominated by lush growth of herbaceous plants including Water Chestnuts (Eleocharis dulcis), Lepironia articulata, Climbing Ferns (Stenochlaena palustris), Woolly Water Lilies (Philydrum lanuginosum), and Marsh Sedges (Scleria purpurascens).
y Stenochlaena Sm.; uno es exclusivamente americano, Salpichlaena Sm.
484 Blechnaceae Blechnum finlaysonianum 485 Stenochlaena palustris 486 Gleicheniaceac Dicranopteris linearis 487 Hypolepidaceae Pteridium aquilinum 488 Lindsaeaceae Lindsaea walkerae Hook.
This pond contains dead fallen trees and some mud mounds covered with Climbing Fern (Stenochlaena palustris) and Three Square Bulrush (Scirpus olneyi).