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large tropical ferns

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This is further supported by the abundance of typical climbing ferns, of the spore type Stenochlaena palustris especially at the lower part of the succession (1.
5 to 0 m, with some minor occurrences of Polypodium and Stenochlaena palustris.
This is further supported by the abundance of Stenochlaena palustris peaking at 1.
Pollen types such as Blumeodendron that are known to be abundant in phasic community I (Anderson and Muller, 1975), Campnosperma (abundant in PC I), Parastemon (abundant in PC I and PC IV to VI) and Stenochlaena palustris (abundant in mangrove to shallow peat transition zones and PC I) are also present (Anderson and Muller, 1975).
But in Pellia and Stenochlaena gametophytes the protoderm differentiates certain appendages, as are trichomes, rhizoids, and gametangia (Figs.
Dichotomous branching can easily be observed in the gametophytes of Stenochlaena (Figs.
484 Blechnaceae Blechnum finlaysonianum 485 Stenochlaena palustris 486 Gleicheniaceac Dicranopteris linearis 487 Hypolepidaceae Pteridium aquilinum 488 Lindsaeaceae Lindsaea walkerae Hook.