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Sten Linnarsson is a professor of molecular systems biology at Karolinska Institutet.
"Lennart has been an independent non-executive director for five years and has extensive property and international public company experience," said Executive Director & Founding Shareholder Sten Mortstedt.
The Sten is functional enough but has uncomfortable stuff sticking out all over the place.
"The novel is a little loose in the seams: What went down in Costa Rica, though dramatic and illustrative of Sten's character, has only a rickety connection to subsequent events back in California.
Hypothesis no1 States that Fathers of neurotic children will have high depression sten scores than the fathers of normal children.
Dubbed the Patchett submachine gun, it was more modern than the Lanchester yet more refined than the Sten.
The entire lineup of British STEN guns has often been called "Plumbers' Nightmares" because they are so crudely made.
Honoring over 45 years of contributions by Sten Ebbesen, a 2011 symposium at The Royal Danish Academy of Sciences and Letters, Copenhagen heard most of the papers presented in this volume, all of which relate to the U.
"We were warned of a possible threat," biennale official Ulrika Sten told the press.
The sale fell short of the e1/42 million the ministry expected to make as not all the 7,400 Stens, Brens and Enfields, used by the Cypriot armed forces in the past, were sold.
made 9 mm pistol, one sten carbine gun, and around 35 rounds of cartridges from the house of Communist Party of India-Maoist (CPI-M) leaders Najim Sekh and Atar Sekh on Saturday.
During the probe, police came across weapons including an Uzi sub-machine gun, Glock handguns and a Sten machine gun.
Guns on display at the city centre shop have included a Russian Kalashnikov AK-47 machine gun and a British-made World War II Sten machine gun.
He has just decided to leave the police when an old friend, Sten Torstensson, a solicitor, approaches him to investigate the recent death of his father in a car accident.
Finnish oil company Neste Oil Corporation said today (20 February) that the double-hull M/T Sten Nordic, a tanker on time charter to Neste Oil, had a contact with the rear of a freighter in a channel cleared of ice in the Gulf of Finland last night.