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an overlapping stitch made by starting the next stitch at the middle of the preceding one

do backstitches

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A stem stitch is great for curvy lines, such as the tangled string of Christmas lights, but the backstitch works just as well.
Using 3 strands of black embroidery floss, embroider the nose using a satin stitch and the eyes and mouth using a stem stitch (4).
Using black embroidery floss and stem stitch (Diagram Ill), add bird legs.
In common with other embroidered hangings of the early medieval period, this piece is conventionally referred to as a "tapestry," although it is not a true tapestry in which the design is woven into the cloth; it is in fact embroidered in wool yarn on a tabby-woven linen ground using two methods of stitching: outline or stem stitch for lettering and the outlines of figures, and couching or laid work for filling in figures.
Create the stems, vines, neckline and shape outlines using a stem stitch (3).
She added eyes in stem stitch (Diagram lll-C) and legs in chain stitch (Diagram lll-D) using black floss.