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navigating according to the positions of the stars

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Because of its wider field of view, this telescope is better suited for stellar navigation than the HRI, especially during the last 10 days prior to impact, when the comet looms large in the scope's field.
The current focus in the navigation area is on a small, lowcost, stellar navigation system called the Strapdown Stellar Inertial System.
Many of these machines are capable of stellar navigation, navigation with road-map displays (using a Global Positioning System receiver), and more.
A Hawaiian elder once told me that at first some thought having modern astronomers on the sacred mountain might be appropriate - given Hawaiians' own heritage of stellar navigation and astronomy.
In 1965 David Lewis, before attempting to reenact the fabled voyages of Pacific island people, talked extensively with central Australian Aborigines but received no hint of stellar navigation. Rather, astronomical knowledge was used to make predictive correlations with natural events important to the groups survival (such as the availability of particular foods or changes in weather conditions).