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United States feminist (born in 1934)

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Through the arc of the narrative, Rinker demonstrates how courage and strength of character enabled Steinem to mature into a leader.
[USA], Dec 11 ( ANI ): American singer-songwriter Janelle Monae is all set to join actor Julianne Moore in the Gloria Steinem biopic 'The Glorias: A Life on the Road.'
Steinem, a world-renowned feminist and human rights leader in her own right, will join Klein to kick off the new program with a public discussion Sept.
Continue reading "Feminism Fridays: Phyllis Chesler on Gloria Steinem" at...
"Hollywood, like most of the country, is still defining power as power over," Steinem noted at the "Mankiller" screening.
Kudos to these women's efforts and here's to more truth telling, to making more men uncomfortable, Gloria Steinem style.
At the two-day conference's opening night Wednesday, Steinem took a shot at President Donald Trump, calling the billionaire the "harasser in chief."
PTI Carey Mulligan has been roped in to play Gloria Steinem in Film Nation's An Uncivil War, directed by Dee Rees.
Actress Jane Fonda and activist Gloria Steinem, on Wednesday, appeared on MSNBC's "All In With Chris Hayes" to speak about the escalating allegations of sexual harassment, rape and assault against movie mogul Harvey Weinstein. Both of them appeared on the show for their non-profit organization, The Women's Media Center, which they co-founded with poet Robin Morgan in 2005. 
It's a practical kind of feminism for the 21st century, one endorsed by Gloria Steinem's enthusiastic foreword.
"I realize that things being what they are, the white middle-class part of the movement got reported more, but if you look at the numbers and the very first poll of women responding to feminist issues, African American women were twice as likely to support feminism and feminist issues as white women," said Steinem.
Gloria Steinem. One would not think that the jazz singer and the feminist icon have much in common.
The 25-year-old actress revealed her new passion for explicit in a public chat with feminist icon Gloria Steinem.
During a talk with feminist writer Gloria Steinem, the 25-year-old actress said: "I used to hate that I had strong eyebrows.
Magazine co-founder Gloria Steinem, was asked why young women were flocking to Bernie Sanders' campaign.