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Austrian writer (1881-1942)


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Based on the romanticized version of Central Europe depicted in the work of Stefan Zweig, this film brilliantly evoked a mythical world of cosmopolitan elegance, refined wit and civilized ethics, destroyed by aristocratic greed and ideological thuggery.
As George Prochnik recalls in The Impossible Exile: Stefan Zweig at the End of the World, the day after the double suicide the coffins of Zweig and his wife, draped in flowers, were carried through Petropolis.
Y como buen turista japones Savater saca su camara y retrata el busto, la recamara, la fachada del edificio, el apartamento en el que por las tardes departian Sigmund Freud y Stefan Zweig.
La disolucion del Romanticismo se explica en relacion con la situacion politica de Europa entre la Primera y la Segunda Guerra Mundial y en concreto el fin del Imperio Austro-Hungaro, y para ello se centra en la figura de Stefan Zweig.
The Grand Budapest Hotel," combines a 20th century middle Europe setting with the fantasy world of helmer Wes Anderson, who drew inspiration from the writings of Stefan Zweig.
Podria decirse que Roth compartia un mismo humus cultural, con toda una generacion de escritores que va de Stefan Zweig a Werfel, de Thomas Mann a Csokor, de Musil a Doreder.
Inspired by Viennese writer Stefan Zweig, this is a cross between the inventiveness of the French cinema pioneer Georges Melies (who inspired Scorsese's Hugo), The Pink Panther and Benny Hill - hence the agreeably enduring lightness of spirit.
Desde su adolescencia Marai vio, al igual que su colega vienes Stefan Zweig, como se desmoronaba ese universo multicultural que dio color a su vida.
Chess is a dynamic, often beautiful game, celebrated by writers of the calibre of Vladimir Nabokov and Stefan Zweig.
Vienna's "cafe culture" became an incubator for the Jewish intelligentsia: Luminaries such as writer Stefan Zweig, psychologist Alfred Adler and the young journalist and play--wright Theodor Herz' were among those who sipped coffee in the Austrian capital.
Stefan Zweig and Manuel Chaves Nogales: Two looks about USRR
As thanks for sending us What He's Reading, Marty won a copy of that Stefan Zweig novella
I also think Stefan Zweig is a phenomenal writer so I downloaded two of his books, Beware of Pity and Confusion, onto my iPad.
ehe's theperfect h d f h ' I also think Stefan Zweig is a phenomenal writer so I downloaded two of his books, Beware of Pity and Confusion, on to my iPad.
When Michael Hofmann's brilliant, splenetic demolition of long-dead Austrian mediocrity Stefan Zweig appeared in the London Review of Books in 2010, it was met with a wave of befuddled indignation: Whence, demanded outraged Zweig admirers (