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external-combustion engine in which heat is used to raise steam which either turns a turbine or forces a piston to move up and down in a cylinder

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"In a move that's not exactly surprising, Valve has quietly removed the Steam Machine section from Steam," he ( wrote.
The initial range at Steam Machine included a 5.2% 'San Franciscan Stream' Beer, a 6.5% Red IPA, a 6.5% 'New Age Brown' Beer, a 6.5% Earl Grey-infused 'Afternoon Tea' Beer and a 7.2% Lapsang Souchong Smoked Porter.
The steam machine is a great concept for PC gamers.
Steam Machine will now launch a range of five beers in the summer, including an imperial Russian Stout and an afternoon tea Indian pale ale -- infused with British Earl Grey tea.
The Zotax ZBox Steam Machine is engineered from the ground up for gaming performance in a compact mini-PC form factor that is a fraction the size of traditional mini-ITX based gaming systems, said a statement.
The article in April's issue about Jay Leno's steam machine was really fantastic, for example.
So you take it to the dry cleaner and they toss it in a vat of toxic chemicals, then run it through a steam machine that sends the toxic steam out into the atmosphere, then they wrap it in the kind of plastic that never biodegrades and voila!
His 6ft wet steam machine was used by Harrods, The Tower of London and Madam Tussauds.
# STEAM MACHINE The council's new weapon against dirty streets; in action.; PICTURE: Malcolm Morgan
It is then brought to a designated outdoor area on the building's premises where it is thoroughly washed using a high-powered steam machine that shoots special chemical cleaners at a pressure of 150 pounds per square inch.
In 1822, however, Englishman Robert Phillips arrived after a yearlong journey from London, accompanied by a newfangled "steam machine" to pump water from the shafts.
Sir William McAlpine, great grandson of Sir Robert McAlpine, and various executives boarded the Jacobite steam machine to mark the centenary of McAlpine's Glenfinnan Viaduct, unaware of the row.
A worker was killed while two others were wounded when the industrial steam machine or boiler inside a factory in Barangay Talisayan here heated up and exploded around 11:30 am on Tuesday, May 28.
They include Almasty Brewing Co (Newcastle), Bear Claw Brewery (Berwick), Donzoko Brewing (Hartlepool), The Steam Machine Brewing Co (Newton Aycliffe) and Rigg & Furrow which emerged in Acklington, Northumberland, just this year.
Also on offer will be the Tipple Truck, Steam Machine Brew, the Mussel Pot and the MOKA coffee stall.