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external-combustion engine in which heat is used to raise steam which either turns a turbine or forces a piston to move up and down in a cylinder

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The steam machine is a great concept for PC gamers.
The following are some of the Steam Machines from Valve that are comparable to Xbox One and PlayStation 4.
Carsten Berger, senior director, said: "Zotac is pleased to work with Valve Software to create the ZBox Steam Machine.
His 6ft wet steam machine was used by Harrods, The Tower of London and Madam Tussauds.
STEAM MACHINE The council's new weapon against dirty streets; in action.
It is then brought to a designated outdoor area on the building's premises where it is thoroughly washed using a high-powered steam machine that shoots special chemical cleaners at a pressure of 150 pounds per square inch.
Sir William McAlpine, great grandson of Sir Robert McAlpine, and various executives boarded the Jacobite steam machine to mark the centenary of McAlpine's Glenfinnan Viaduct, unaware of the row.
The Steam Machine Brewing Company was founded two years ago by husband-and-wife team Nick and Gulen Smith in 2015.
Also on offer will be the Tipple Truck, Steam Machine Brew, the Mussel Pot and the MOKA coffee stall.
Langson's low cost, scalable clean energy production units are significant to the global energy landscape because traditional turbines have difficulties with saturated steam, but the Steam Machine seamlessly converts it to clean power.
Marking an innovative collaboration between Alienware, a pioneer in specialty high-performance PC gaming systems, and Valve Software, the developer of the world s largest online gaming platform, the Alienware Steam Machine is a customized gaming solution that extends a traditional PC gaming environment into a console-like experience for virtually any room.
The Steam Link will allow users to stream content from a PC or a Steam machine on the same network.
What's even more exciting is that Steam Machines are re-branded PCs; which means you can say no to all these Steam Boxes, format your Windows PC, install Steam OS (the final build some time in the future), stick a Steam logo on it, and voila - your trusty gaming rig is now a Steam Machine.
TEHRAN (FNA)- Those dastardly devils at iFixit have managed to get their mitts on one of Valve's 300 Steam Machine prototypes and, of course, torn it down.