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(cosmology) the theory that the universe maintains a constant average density with matter created to fill the void left by galaxies that are receding from each other

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Using a deterministic, annualized steady-state model, this study provides a quantitative evaluation of the total number, total catch, and ex-vessel gross revenue (hereafter termed revenue) of abalone harvested under 10 monthly fishing scenarios in which the proportion of either the current TACC or current number of greenlip harvested was varied among months.
Unlike with the steady-state model, the motional effects are accounted for by moving the source field.
The first-order condition for the maximization of [pi] with respect to k in the steady-state model is as follows:
Using a time series for changing fishing rates also only slightly improved the fit of the model's prediction of catch and biomass (2-3% reduction in SS) over a constant value of fishing mortality taken from the 1978 steady-state model.
From the field-scale intermittent water application experiment of this study and the analysis of the data, it can be said that a steady-state model that is based on cumulative drainage instead of time for simulating transient non-reactive solute transport seems to be justified.
All groundwater intakes were deactivated in the calibrated steady-state model and a corresponding distribution of the heads h((x, y, z) was simulated.
That is, the steady-state model could help one determine the number of each differentiational resource needed to support two product launches per year, for example.
What differentiates the dynamic model from the steady-state model is the use of holdups.
Confining the field in this way allows an evolving universe - a significant departure from the old steady-state model, notes Peebles.
Loop modeling includes the steady-state model and the AC small signal model.
In the first phase of the project, a one-dimensional steady-state model is being created based on the best available data.
The general boiler model can be divided into two subparts--the steady-state model for the calculation of the transferred heat at the provided conditions and the dynamic model, which includes the capacitance and fluidic behavior.
A filter model is based on the use of a time constant added to the outputs of a steady-state model.
But they maintain that on balance, a steady-state model affords a more reasonable, testable cosmology than the Big Bang.
A DX RTU steady-state model was developed to simulate its operation and justify the advanced SAT reset algorithm.