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a statute prescribing the time period during which legal action can be taken

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73) However, the court took pains to distance itself from Division l's conclusion in Tobin, stating, "in our view, it would be an absurd result to contemplate that, in light of two arguably applicable statutes of limitations, the legislature intended no time limitation for PRA actions involving single-document production.
Criminal statutes of limitations limit the exposure of an individual to prosecution to a certain period following the commission of the crime.
This concept applies to laws for statutes of limitation.
Some of these cases have been decided within the context of issues related to statutes of limitation, whereas some cases have been decided in other contexts.
Statutes of limitation and of repose, and their parallel doctrines in other branches of the law, have been around for a very long time.
At issue was a California law that allowed the prosecution of child molesters and other sex offenders after the statutes of limitations in effect when they were charged had expired.
Again the answer is no, in that Cooley's own respected head of appellate practice studied the issue at Cooley's request and told Cooley in writing that there are no statutes of limitation precluding current prosecution, though they may run out in September of this year.
File all claims by December 31, 1999, irrespective of any other statutes of limitation normally associated with the years at issue.
657, 672 (1913) ("The policy of statutes of limitation is to encourage promptness in the bringing of actions, that the parties shall not suffer by loss of evidence from death or disappearance of witnesses, destruction of documents or failure of memory.
Without enforceable statutes of limitation the entire entitlement process remains open to attack indefinitely into the future.
But the 30-year statute of limitations on those charges expired 15 years ago under the military penal code, and the panel found Priebke not guilty of ``cruelty and premeditation,'' which have no statutes of limitation and carry a penalty of life in prison.
In addition, the IRS should share with taxpayers its vast knowledge of foreign procedures and statutes of limitation.
The inequity of disparate statutes of limitation is compounded where a State imposes a shorter period for assessments against domiciled corporations than it permits for assessments against out-of-state corporations.
Statutes of limitations for criminal offenses are in many ways the product of balancing competing policy interests.
In criminal law, statutes of limitations exist in part to ensure that victims seek justice in a timely manner, and in part because evidence can be lost or corrupted if charges are not pursued within a reasonable period.