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Synonyms for law

Synonyms for law

a principle governing affairs within or among political units

the formal product of a legislative or judicial body

a broad and basic rule or truth

to institute or subject to legal proceedings

Synonyms for law

the collection of rules imposed by authority

Related Words

a rule or body of rules of conduct inherent in human nature and essential to or binding upon human society

a generalization that describes recurring facts or events in nature

the branch of philosophy concerned with the law and the principles that lead courts to make the decisions they do

the learned profession that is mastered by graduate study in a law school and that is responsible for the judicial system

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Consistent with the broader narrative described here, this language envisions statutes and treaties as having the same tool kit available for implementation, with the choice of tool depending on what the statute or treaty specifies.
determine the meaning of statutes and treaties bearing on the
to interpret statutes and treaties, beneath which no functional
power to interpret statutes and treaties to understand when the Court
power suggest, judicial interpretation of statutes and treaties can