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a statute prescribing the time period during which legal action can be taken

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A warrant was issued for his arrest just in the nick of time--just months before the statue of limitations five-year deadline expired on the Twigs case.
In Stacey, Judge McVerry went on to dismiss the malpractice claim sounding in breach of contract, holding that the gravamen of the Amended Complaint was that the defendants failed to exercise the appropriate standard of care and the plaintiffs could not repackage this claim under a breach of contract theory to avoid the two-year statue of limitations.
The statue of limitations in canon law also seemed to bar action in many cases.
Mother-of-one Norma Lewis, aged 42, who works in marketing and advertising and is from Edgbaston, said: "I do believe that people should have their DNA taken at birth but I think there should be a statue of limitations on the time the DNA should be kept.
For years before the statue of limitations barred this suit, the red triangular flags of an incipient hurricane had been figuratively hoisted over Lilly and Zyprexa," Weinstein wrote.
The Wellstar doctors and nurses, known as Prenatal Care Defendants, moved for summary judgment on the grounds that the statue of limitations for bringing suit against them had run.
The statue of limitations has expired, but the evidence is irrefutable.
She was also suspected in the death of a ninth child in 1988, but the statue of limitations expired.
I was walking hots at Del Mar when I was 12 years old - I think the statue of limitations has run out.
He was freed from prison in 2003 because his lawyers successfully claimed the statue of limitations had run out on the alleged offence.
For Goss to demonstrate the latter, the court admitted evidence from years preceding the period allowed by the statue of limitations.
If you make a non-cash gift, even if it is within the $11,000 annual gift tax exclusion, it is advisable to file a' gift tax return to start the IRS audit statue of limitations.
The statue of limitations has already run out for that allegation.