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the branch of physics that deals with static electricity

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The 3024 is available in two versions: the 3024F, which can reportedly neutralise at speeds in excess of 1000m/min and is the most powerful static eliminator Fraser has ever tested, and the 3024L, which has been designed to neutralise over a 500mm range, so it is ideal for winders and longer range applications.
CONTACTS: Sixwise.com, www.sixwise.com; The Green Guide, www.thegreenguide.com; Seventh Generation, www.seventhgeneration.com; Ecover, www.ecover.com; Maddocks' Static Eliminator, www.staticeliminator.ca.
This compact and shockless static eliminator is a suitable way to eliminate static electricity problems occurring in small spaces.
The trayless collations are controlled by retractable guides on the infeed and the system is fitted with a static eliminator on both film feed units to overcome a constant static problem within the factory.
The new Ionix[R] Static Eliminator economically removes static from the inside of gas distribution pipes virtually eliminating the danger of static ignition.
Both of these hurdles create a need for a static eliminator that is not only fast but can eliminate static from a distance."
Ionix Technologies' Static Eliminator reduces static induced ignitions in PE pipe.
For this reason it is important to mount a static eliminator at the last place possible prior to the problem in the process for maximum effectiveness.
First, you need to use an active (electrical) static eliminator that can provide relatively balanced ionization.
Matt Fyffe, VP and general manager at Meech Static Eliminators USA says: "Meech pinning systems offer the ultimate in controlled static generation and the Meech Model 994IML Static Generator has been specially designed to work with the Hydra In-Mold Label pinning system.
The new Model 992v3 static generator from MEECH STATIC ELIMINATORS LTD combines a constant current mode and constant voltage in one unit, allowing both continuous reel to reel pinning and non-continuous sheet pinning.
Ionix static eliminators remove the static charge thus preventing dangerous static ignitions thus reducing worker injuries, lost days, property damage claims and liability.
Contact Meech Static Eliminators on tel: 01993 706700 or visit: www.meech.co.uk
Control panel coolers, quiet air knives, air-saving nozzles, vortex tubes, tool coolers, air-operated conveyors, industrial housekeeping products, and static eliminators are featured.