Staten Island

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a borough of New York City

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Robert Nixon and Brian McGowan of Casandra Properties' Nixon McGowan Team represented Staten Island Urby in the deal.
The DiForte Agency is the second long-standing Staten Island insurance agency to partner with World Insurance Associates LLC.
"Staten Island students have a great chance of getting this scholarship since it's only for students from the 3 Staten Island schools, it's a small pool," said SICCPA Immediate Past President, Sharon Sica Costanzo.
documented, and connected with a diverse cross-section of Staten Island
"Staten Island spoke, and we listened," Bill de Blasio, New York City's mayor, said in a statement.
While rates increased citywide, the rate in Staten Island increased 257% during the same period, from 3.0 to 10.7 per 100,000 residents (Figure).
The bank's initial capitalization of USD 7.0m was primarily raised in the Staten Island community.
The bank's COO, Domenick Cama, said, 'We are a community-focused bank that is already making a positive difference on Staten Island by forming productive relationships with residents, businesses, local non-profits, and civic organisations.
The Staten Island district attorney's office and New York City police say Saturday they collected the assault rifle along with 33 semiautomatic pistols, 40 revolvers, 13 rifles, a shotgun and eight other weapons.
STATEN ISLAND, New York: Lebanese-American vocalist and film actress Hanan died Sunday at Staten Island University Hospital.
"This tax has absolutely nothing to do with improving health care, and instead punishes the people of Staten Island who have sold their houses in a tough market and made a profit," said Rep.
Eleven died and 70 were hurt in October 2003 when the same craft hit the pier on Staten Island after the captain fell asleep.
New York, Mar 3 (ANI): A Staten Island woman is said to be suing a plastic surgeon after the breast surgery she underwent left her with "double-bubble" deformities.
and A&P have agreed to a deal that will see King Kullen acquire five A&P stores on New York City's Staten Island.
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