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a government building in which a state legislature meets

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In Illinois, we're more than Al Capone, Michael Jordan and statehouse scandals.
The inaugural class of this landmark program will be inducted at the Statehouse Convention Center, Little Rock.
How the court rules next year on the case could profoundly change the makeup of statehouses across the country.
Members of the Black Educators for Justice from Florida held a rally on the north side of the Statehouse to support the removal of the Confederate flag that is regarded as a symbol of the dark history of black slavery in southern U.S.
The flag has flown on the statehouse grounds for 54 years since being put up as a protest against the Civil Rights movement.
"I never miss our Go Red for Women event here at the Statehouse; this is important to me because African American and Latina women are impacted in high numbers,'' said Ms.
For more information or assistance in planning a Day at the Statehouse, contact IREM Government Affairs staff.
As Rebecca Meiser reported last year, it all began at the 31st annual Ohio Statehouse Holocaust Remembrance Event in May 2011, when a survivor's account compelled Gov.
Dave DePue of Capitol Commission, a group that seeks to place pastors in every statehouse to give "advice" to lawmakers (and which was heavily involved in the "transforming revival" workshop event), told the Capital-Journal that Brownback's staff asked for a group prayer for the journalists who report about Brownback.
The race for Springfield's statehouse seat, which has been held by Democrats since 1983, has heated up, with statewide Democratic and GOP organizations pouring money into the contest.
The effect it has had on the neighboring community over its 92 years of operation brought some nearby residents and supporters to the New Jersey statehouse Tuesday morning to protest, call for action and describe why they're so concerned.
Legislative Day at the Statehouse for Vermont nurses will be held on April 20, 2011.
As the digital revolution devastates and reshapes the news media, I fear what's likely to be lost in the shuffle is a next generation of statehouse beat reporters who will follow in the footsteps of people like the Pulitzer Prize-winning Morgan, the Chicago Tribune's Ray Long, Steve Walters of the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, and George Skelton of the Los Angeles Times.
In this issue, longtime AJR contributor and author Mary Walton reports on the state of investigative reporting (see "Investigative Shortfall," page 18) and AJR Senior Contributing Writer Mark Lisheron examines statehouse coverage (see "Reloading at the Statehouse," page 34).
Since New Jersey's two largest papers -- The Record of Hackensack and The Star-Ledger of Newark -- announced last week plans to combine their statehouse bureaus, questions have been raised about how the two longtime rivals will work together.