state capitalism

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an economic system that is primarily capitalistic but there is some degree of government ownership of the means of production

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The JFT was a state-capitalist tendency, and it was Dunayevskaya's study of the USSR's five year plans and the categories in Karl Marx's Capital that proved, in the early 1940s, economically, the existence of state-capitalism in Russia.
in Russia a system of state-capitalism consolidated itself,
The author is particularly interested in the persistence of corporatism as the characteristic form of state rule, despite the transformation of the economy from state-capitalism to neoliberal-capitalism.
Witness the break-up of the USSR with Russia turning to unregulated capitalism, the fact that ultra-communist Cuba is making 500,000 state employees redundant or China's move to an aggressive state-capitalism which has resulted in child-labour and the mass displacement of formerly self-sufficient rural communities and we see that the Soviet-style planned economy is far from well.
For those on both the Left and Right, there is a logic of affirmation about such tensions: state-capitalism is at its authoritarian worst in China.
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