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The prospect of relating my father's legacy in 500 words has left me realizing that I will likely never know the full extent of his impact on me, the legal community, or the state of South Dakota.
We are interested in physicians who have a proven background in physician leadership and have an active medical license or arc eligible for licensure in the State of South Dakota.
You might already know this, but your home state of South Dakota is an outstanding turkey hunting destination.
Washington, Feb 10 ( ANI ): An American Indian tribe in the US state of South Dakota has filed a lawsuit against some of the world's biggest beer makers over severe alcohol-related problems in their community.
The approval for a gaming license in the state of South Dakota is one of the final steps before closing our pending acquisition.
This paper traces the college enrollment, retention, re-enrollment, and migration patterns of the 2010 ACT-tested high school graduates in the state of South Dakota.
In 1990, the state of South Dakota eliminated Columbus Day and created Native American Day after Giago advocated for the change in numerous editorials in The Lakota Times.
She was found in the US state of South Dakota in 1987 and was excavated in 1992.
A new cell site has been activated near New Underwood in the US State of South Dakota, with residents to benefit from the continued investment by mobile network operator Verizon Wireless in its network infrastructure and services.
The 1889 constitution of the state of South Dakota provided that "the legislature shall not authorize any game of chance, lottery, or gift enterprise, under any pretense, or for any purpose whatever.
The second largest city in the US state of South Dakota, Rapid City is a significant tourist destination due to its position on the eastern slopes of the Black Hills of Dakota and its proximity to Mount Rushmore.
Democratic party officials told the Associated Press news agency on Wednesday that Daschle, a former senator for the state of South Dakota, had accepted the post.
The free, interactive website is available for public use and provides comprehensive economic data for the state of South Dakota and counties, as well as for other states.
Heartland Consumers Power District is a public power utility created in 1969 by the State of South Dakota.
a teenager in the US state of South Dakota has been charged with indecent exposure for allegedly having sex with a mannequin.
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