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In order to fill out its military forces, the fledgling state of Rhode Island recruited into the ranks of the American forces hundreds of black and Native American slaves who worked on plantations in the state, promising them their freedom at the end of the war.
Assets acquired by ABM in the transaction include key accounts in the Greater Boston area, as well as ABM's first contract in the State of Rhode Island, including the Garrahay Supreme Court Building and two CVS distribution centers.
But recently such efforts have picked up speed, with lawsuits filed by the state of Rhode Island, the cities of Chicago, St.
After four days of deliberations, a six-person jury declared themselves "hopelessly deadlocked" in a lawsuit brought by the state of Rhode Island against eight former lead paint manufacturers.
The state of Rhode Island and six cities, including West Hollywood and Berkeley, have replaced pet ``owner'' with ``guardian'' in their legal codes.
That's the largest conservation easement in America and bigger than the state of Rhode Island.
In an action brought by the state of Rhode Island, a court earlier this week dismissed six claims against a US unit of ICI but allowed four claims to proceed.
Scheduled to be completed during the first quarter of 2000, the building is expected to facilitate the creation of some 750 jobs in the state of Rhode Island.
On June 17, the NRLC Board of Directors passed the following resolution in honor of Anna Sullivan, the long-time director from the state of Rhode Island.
It is almost as large as the state of Rhode Island.
In fact, East Providence's program proved so successful that every department in the State of Rhode Island now has its own senior citizens advocate, appointed by the chief of police.
First it was Brown University, then it was Brockton, Massachusetts, then it was the state of Rhode Island.
gov, the official State website for the State of Rhode Island, has received its third accolade in 2012, a Best of Class nod from the Interactive Media Awards (IMA.
Contractor awarded a contract with a contract price in excess of five thousand dollars ($5,000) for construction, buildings or public works is to file with the proper authority good and sufficient bond with surety furnished by any surety company authorized to do business in the State of Rhode island and in accordance with Chapter 13 of the General Laws of Rhode Island entitled "Labor and Payment of Debts by Contractors".
Additionally, Innovative Solutions expects to receive its growing license from the state of Rhode Island in September 2010.