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Using off-the-shelf, unaltered smartphones, RootMetrics staff drove over 1,785 miles on and included more than 28 indoor locations to measure and analyze key performance indicators which provide an unbiased characterization of network attributes in the state of North Dakota.
EnergyNet is elated to assist the State of North Dakota with this first-ever online auction of subsurface mineral leases," says Bill Britain, EnergyNet President and CEO.
The state of North Dakota has developed a system for broadcasting emergency information to strategic locations in the event of a bioterrorist threat or natural disaster.
Q: In your home state of North Dakota, one of the issues you've been dealing with is insurance coverage for soldiers who have been serving in Iraq and Afghanistan, and it's been a concern of yours that they axe treated fairly.
In 2001, Charlene Nelson, a stout believer in the Fourth Amendment, learned that a cabal of bankers, legislators, and the governor of her state of North Dakota were trying to undo a good state "opt-in" law requiring banks to get permission before selling their customer's financial data.
THE Senate in the US state of North Dakota has voted to keep a 113-year- old law that makes it a crime for unmarried couples to live together.
With the accelerating loss of the Earth's biological heritage and the impairment of critical ecological processes that support life on the planet, the work of The Nature Conservancy on an international scale and within the state of North Dakota could not be more important or compelling.
Another story of political activism involves a fascinating character, Anton Spear, who after graduating from the Minnesota School for the Deaf worked as a tailor, briefly attended Gallaudet College in Washington, DC before going to work for the Census Bureau, moved to the new state of North Dakota in 1889 where he convinced the legislature to establish a state school for the deaf and then got himself appointed superintendent.
Bismarck State of North Dakota and Big Bend of Washington also will participate.
This project is being funded by BNSF, Amtrak and the state of North Dakota.
The State of North Dakota is looking to contract with an Insurance Broker to assist the Risk Management Division in evaluating the availability, options, alternatives, services, costs, and placement of excess insurance for the Risk Management Fund.
June 26, 2013 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ -- NumbersUSA Action has launched an online ad blitz across the state of North Dakota asking what Senator John Hoeven is getting in exchange for selling out on amnesty for 11 million illegal aliens.
to acquire a package of ten State of North Dakota oil & gas exploration leases in and around Dickinson, North Dakota.
The State of North Dakota, acting through its Department of Commerce, Division of Community Services, hereafter known as purchasing agency or ND DCS is soliciting proposals for Government Policy Management Contractor, hereafter known as offeror or contractor .
com ) - EnergyNet is pleased to announce that the State of North Dakota has retained EnergyNet to provide web-based auction services for the State's oil, gas and other mineral leases.