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The previous system cost the State of Maine approximately $1 billion annually to process and pay Medicaid claims.
The State of Maine ( State ) Department of Administrative and Financial Services ( Department ), Bureau of General Services ( Bureau ), Division of Purchases ( Division ) acts as the purchasing agent on behalf of all Executive Departments and other agencies within State Government.
We are pleased to announce that as a result of receiving our panel's highest score, the Office of Information Technology has contracted with Harris," said Richard Thompson, Chief Information Officer (CIO), State of Maine Office of Information Technology.
According to Welsh, once deployments are complete, State of Maine employees have the tools necessary to quickly access communications, and speed responses to state residents and each other.
gov is operated by InforME, a self-funded collaborative effort between the state of Maine and Maine Information Network, LLC.
said, "We are pleased the State of Maine has elected to utilize NUOVINOX rebar in a second bridge.
If the state of Maine allows their tax dollars to be spent on students attending New Hampshire or Vermont schools, with the goal of providing the best possible education to Maine students, shouldn't the same policy apply to religious schools?
AUGUSTA, Maine -- The State of Maine is now offering an online training course for sellers and servers of alcoholic beverages, available at www.
The State of Maine invoked the doctrine of sovereign immunity to keep the merits of these officers' claims from being heard, because it did not want to pay what these officers are owed, and the Supreme Court has acquiesced in denying these officers any court, be it state or federal -- in which they could bring a lawsuit.
gov) is the official Web portal of the state of Maine and a repeat winner in the Center for Digital Government's "Best of the Web" competition.
Information Technology Project Management Services for the Maine Public Utilities Commission s Case Management System and Other Technology Initiatives The State of Maine Public Utilities Commission (Commission) has a requirement for part-time project management services to assist in the ongoing management of the Commissions Case Management System and other information technology initiatives.
May 26 /PRNewswire/ -- Energy East Corporation has begun serving natural gas customers in the State of Maine.
gov is the official website of the State of Maine, offering interactive online services, news, alerts, mapping, links to state and local government information, search and help functions, and Web 2.
The substantial support and incentives provided by the State of Maine and City of Rockland were principal factors in the Company's decision to remain in Rockland.
AUGUSTA, Maine -- The official Web site of the state of Maine (www.