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Governor Mike Foster said the State of Louisiana is very fortunate to acquire this particular property, and he praised BP's commitment to assuring its preservation.
Last year, the state Mineral Board, all of whose members serve at the pleasure of Governor Edwards, saved a client of the Broadhurst firm thousands of dollars less in royalty payments to the state of Louisiana through a procedure that had previously been prohibited by the board.
In the past two years, the Company has installed EMR systems in nine hospitals in the State of Louisiana, partially as a result of grants that have allowed many of those hospitals to afford these systems.
The Department of Justice on behalf of the Federal Government has filed a motion to dismiss this action and the Governor of the State of Louisiana has asked the Court to deny plaintiffs' request for an injunction.
We look forward to working with the State of Louisiana to drive process and performance improvements across their portfolio of IT investments - saving time, money and optimizing performance.
Using the information provided by vendors on this RFI, the State of Louisiana will make a determination regarding a future strategy for an EDC.
We have explored many different opportunities in Louisiana and are extremely pleased to bring this riverboat casino and entertainment center to the State of Louisiana and particularly in their capital city of Baton Rouge.
We are excited to have been selected by Orbital Data and the State of Louisiana and look forward to our continuing involvement in this important public safety project.
Furthermore submittal of any terms and conditions contrary to those of the State of Louisiana may cause your bid to be rejected.
We believe these modifications were necessary, as well as consistent with the interests of the City of New Orleans and the State of Louisiana," said Satre.
HOUSTON -- Contango Oil & Gas Company (AMEX:MCF) announced today that its affiliated company, Republic Exploration LLC ("REX"), was the high bidder on two lease tracts at the State of Louisiana Mineral Lease Sale held on February 14, 2007 in Louisiana.
The settlement calls for Texaco to pay the state of Louisiana $250 million over a three year period -- $150 million five days after the settlement is formally approved by the Federal District Court, with two $50 million payments over the next two years.
We think it makes good sense to operate out of a temporary facility while the permanent building is under construction so we can start the flow of tax revenues to the City of New Orleans and State of Louisiana - and generate additional money for horsemen's purses - as soon as possible," said Fair Grounds President and General Manager Randy Soth.
10 /PRNewswire/ -- Wackenhut Corrections Corporation has been awarded a two-year renewal of a contract with the State of Louisiana Department of Public Safety and Corrections to manage the Allen Correctional Center, near Kinder, La.
According to the Louisiana Lieutenant Governor's office, ninety percent of the hotel rooms in the state of Louisiana are fully operational, which means there are still plenty of places to stay for 2007 Mardi Gras celebrators -- in New Orleans and throughout other parts of the state.