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Washington DC [USA], Dec 18 ( ANI ): Three persons along with a dog have lost their lives in a small plane crash in US' southeastern state of Indiana.
Within hours of his arrest, Sumpter found himself more than $630,000 in arrears to the state of Indiana.
The State Of Indiana Will Have The Ability To View The Status Of A Background Verification Report Within The Vendors Online System
The Contractor Shall Provide All Services Necessary To Provide New Vehicles To The State Of Indiana As Set Forth In This Rfp And Attachments, Incorporated And Made A Part Of This Contract Herein By Reference.
The Sunshine Review, a national non-partisan government transparency agency, selected the State of Indiana as one of only 214 government entities for its 2012 Sunny Award, recognizing commitment to government transparency.
The purpose of this RFI is to gain knowledge of the business furniture market available to serve the State of Indiana (henceforward referred to as the Indiana Department of Administration).
gov is the official Website of the state of Indiana (http://www.
KOKOMO, Ind -- Beginning with her launch of the first virtual law firm in the state of Indiana, Priscilla Pelgen's rise in the legal profession has all the markings of a classic "self made woman succeeding against the odds" story.
Originally launched on January 1, 2010, the RREAL IN application has provided State of Indiana agencies with immediate access to information concerning professionals, agencies, and institutions involved in residential real estate transactions for property located within Indiana," said Randall Evans, Project Manager for the Indiana Department of Insurance.
Southern), the nation's largest wine and spirits distributor with operations in 29 states, has retained the services of commercial real estate powerhouse Cassidy Turley to provide site selection services and real estate expertise in the state of Indiana.
TAINAN, Taiwan -- To strengthen and broaden the communication and collaboration between National Cheng Kung University (NCKU) and the State of Indiana of the United States of America, Mr.
Carolina Tobacco Company (CTC), a privately-held, leading manufacturer of "price-value" cigarettes sold under the brands ROGER([R]) and KINGSBORO([R]), announced today that it has reached a comprehensive settlement with the State of Indiana as part of a national agreement that includes 45 other states and the District of Columbia.