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However, because the result of this decision-making process by the local entities was considered unacceptable by some state officials, the State of Illinois may possibly take action to condemn and control the property.
The event will also feature Tim Brett, director, State and Local Information Services at Deltek, who will identify major technology investments within the State of Illinois and top opportunities for technology vendors in 2011.
Pursuant to an agreement, the company's Molina Healthcare of Illinois Inc wholly owned subsidiary will acquire certain assets relating the medicaid business in the State of Illinois from Better Health Network LLC.
This is a great bill for Illinois consumers as well as the state of Illinois," said Gretchen Neuman, a member of the IWCC Steering committee.
The State of Illinois is requesting information from companies that would enable the Division of EMS and Highway Safety to issue and manage EMS and Ambulance licenses(including but not limited to individuals, businesses, vehicles and sites) as well as various reports.
AMEX: IIG), a leading provider of eCommerce software for small businesses and entrepreneurs, announced the Office of the Attorney General of the State of Illinois and iMergent consented to entry of a Final Judgment and Consent Decree, which was entered on June 12, 2008.
Carolina Tobacco Company (CTC), a privately-held, leading manufacturer of "price-value" cigarettes sold under the brands ROGER([R]) and KINGSBORO([R]), announced today that it has reached a comprehensive settlement with the State of Illinois as part of a national agreement that includes 45 other states and the District of Columbia.
The programmed space requirement with allowances for general circulation based upon State of Illinois space standards is 8,000 square feet of rentable area (office space).
The state of Illinois ranks fifth in the nation in FTD coupon usage, with 1,685,870 coupons processed in calendar year 2005.
CMS intends the resulting contract(s) will be available for use by all State of Illinois agencies and universities.
Today, we are showing the State of Illinois we have learned our lessons and are changing.
ISAC is a State of Illinois agency that provides exclusive resources for Illinois students, their families, and schools.
The Village is seeking proposals from State of Illinois licensed and qualified elevator inspectors (QEI) elevator inspection companies to provide mechanical and electrical inspection as well as plan review of all existing and new safety devices and equipment related to passenger and freight elevators, escalators, dumbwaiters, or any conveyance device that is listed under the authority of the rules, regulations and laws of the State of Illinois ("Elevators"), located within the Village.
Pink Sheets:HEGP) announced today, that it is rolling out a marketing plan for the State of Illinois.
com) provides a full spectrum of consumer-oriented health benefit plans and services, helping more than 25 million individual consumers nationwide, and nearly 1 million throughout the state of Illinois and northwest Indiana achieve improved health and well-being through various health service systems.