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the opening page of a web site


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Instead of the default Chrome start page with Google search and several preview "cubes," the user gets multiple information and communication channels that work simultaneously.
The solution allows publishers to showcase and distribute their widgets, at the same time hosting their users' start page within the publisher's site.
PCs from Acer will encourage purchasers to use Yahoo Search, News, Mail and Finance services, with the start page starting up when the user opens a web browser and will incorporate links to Yahoo Music, Sports and other features.
According to the companies, the Mobissimo Netvibes Module enables travellers to search hundreds of global travel suppliers from their Netvibes personal start page, accessing air, car, hotel and travel deals.
There could be a change in the Swedish law as more and more companies offering broadband access to the Internet also tie up customers to their own start pages.
UK Internet portal Excite UK Ltd has announced a one-year sponsorship agreement with Lloyds TSB, which will allow Lloyds to utilise Excite's start page for advertisement.