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a strong man of exceptional physical endurance

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In fact the instrument cluster and tachometer also feature the Stark Industries Arc Reactor as the background graphics, as does the leather wrapped and red stitched gear lever.
The Stark Industries founder admitted his pride for Captain America in one episode.
I saw people wearing T-shirts that said "Bazinga!" and "Stark Industries."
Its name is Ultron, and it begins life as a kind of ghost in the Stark Industries machine: an artificially intelligent "global peacekeeping initiative" designed to serve as "a suit of armor around the world." Iron Man, meet Iron Dome.
Downey opens a pair of metal cases marked Stark Industries, revealing an Iron Man arm and a smaller, red-and-gold prosthetic arm for Alex.
Based on the Cold War-era Marvel comic by the same name, the film is about Tony Stark (Robert Downey, Jr.), a multi-millionaire engineer whose Stark Industries (inherited from his father) researches, develops and sells weapons technologies to the U.S.
Now the security head of Stark Industries, Jon Favreau's Happy Hogan bodyguard character is injured in a bomb blast - prompting Stark to challenge Mandarin.
Meanwhile, rival arms industrialist Justin Hammer (Sam Rockwell) concocts a plan to destroy Stark Industries, which is now under the control of new CEO Virginia "Pepper" Potts (Gwyneth Paltrow).
The movie relies heavily on Downey's quirky performance as the arrogant and charismatic leader of Stark industries, which elevates it from being just standard action movie fare.
Stark races to avert disaster, while a rival arms industrialist plans to destroy Stark Industries, which is now under the control of new CEO, Virginia 'Pepper' Potts (Gwyneth Paltrow).
Tony Stark, hero of the summer blockbuster hit Iron Man, is CEO of the high profile defense company Stark Industries. Tony channels his brain power, bravado, and love for things that go boom and creates a deadly "cluster missile" (Jericho) for the U.S.
While prototyping a new Stark Industries weapons system for our advisers in Vietnam, he was captured by "red guerilla tyrant" Wong Chu, who put him to work building a superweapon for some nefarious purpose.
After returning to America, Stark has a change of heart and vows to take his company Stark Industries, the US government's top weapons supplier, in a radically new direction - to save the world rather than destroy it.A As his nemesis Obadiah Stane - played by an unrecognisably bald and chillingly malevolent Jeff Bridges - takes control of his business, Stark holes himself up in his high-tech workshop developing a gold and red titanium suit to give his alter-ego Iron Man superhuman strength and protection.
He then announces the immediate shutdown of the weapons manufacturing armof Stark Industries, to the shock and surprise of right-hand man Obadiah Stane (Bridges).
Except, of course, things are a little less cut and dried than that as, to no surprise, Stane's revealed as the behind the scenes villain of the piece with his own designs for Stark Industries and the blueprints and armour left behind in Afghanistan.