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according to legend, an island in the Atlantic Ocean that Plato said was swallowed by an earthquake

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With Stargate SG-1 being repeated across the planet and spin-offs being spawned such as Stargate Atlantis, a new generation of fans is joining the "Stargate universe".
* The Cafe, 9.30pm 6.00 MISSION IMPLAUSIBLE (R)(94094) 7.00 BRAINIAC: SCIENCE ABUSE (R)(C) (86636) 8.00 STARGATE ATLANTIS (R)(C)(87365) 9.00 STARGATE ATLANTIS (R)(C)(18162) 10.00 BEST OF NCIS: LOS ANGELES The team investigates the kidnapping of two marines.
He then starred in Stargate Atlantis, the sci-fi thriller Push and the 2007 drama The Passage, which he also wrote.
Stargate Atlantis - Season 5 Volume 1 (12) DVD pounds 19.99.
Other features of the anthology include pictures, an episode guide for Stargate SG-1 (seasons 1-8) and Stargate Atlantis (season one), a glossary of terms from both series, and an index.
MGM will present Stargate Atlantis, a spin-off of its popular Stargate SG-1 series, as a major licensing event with TV, interactive games, (increasingly essential) cell phone downloads and amusement park events.
Stargate Atlantis Spinoff of "Stargate SG-1," set to debut in