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delicately iridescent thimble-shaped ctenophores

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In Stara Zagora the funds will be used for entirely new engineering infrastructure with the corresponding telecommunications as well as for renovation of the platform and the surrounding area.
Earlier after a carriage on the streets and a march, Stara Zagora closed the Stara Zagora - Kazanlak road.
The operation for the demolition of the illegal Roma houses in the Stara Zagora Lozenets district continues today.
Residents of Stara Zagora are to answer the question "Should the Zmeyovo artillery practice range be closed?" according to reports of
According to the company, the French investor planned to rehabilitate the runway, bring in latest equipment, and even build a VIP terminal in order to use the airport in Stara Zagora for private planes and helicopters.
The three brown bear cubs born in the Stara Zagora Zoo in January have become celebrities in Bulgaria.
A 15-year-old brown bear called Bella has given birth to three cubs in the Ayazmoto park zoo in the Southern Bulgarian city of Stara Zagora.