Star of David

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a six-pointed star formed from two equilateral triangles

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The iconic strength of the Limited Edition Classic Hand-Crafted Diamond Jewish Star of David Design is synonymous with CDGI's Design Studio's unparalleled craftsmanship.
The Nazis forced Jews to wear a Star of David on their clothing to identify themselves during the Holocaust.
The real story of Max Baer and the Star of David is Horace's.
Remember Hitler used to put Star of David on everybody's lapel, remember that?
So can we turn up for work wearing either a star of David, or a burka, or a turban or a skull cap, or a bindi, but not a crucifix tattooed on the back of our hand?
The champ - who wore a gold Star of David on his shorts - said he never experienced any prejudice during his glittering career.
A Star of David, the symbol of Judaism, has been found sitting on the roof of the Iran Air headquarters building at Mehrabad Airport.
A fire was set to two Palestinian vehicles in the village of Jainsafout, east of Qalqilyah, and the word "price tag" and a Star of David were sprayed on the walls of a building in the village.
Ras Al Khaimah The management of a public school yesterday complained to authorities against a book depicting the Star of David being sold at a fair at the RAK exhibition centre.
<![CDATA[ On the axe that destroys the Star of David is the word "Boycott!" in the imperative tense.
The government said the cartoon was an attack on the royal family and contained a Star of David. "The use of the Star of David reflects a leaning towards blatant Anti-Semitism," it said.
In another deleted comment she said, " Star of David has been flying inside number 10 since Thatcher days".
ACTOR Colin Farrell has been spotted wearing a Star of David, prompting speculation he could convert to Judaism for the sake of his girlfriend.
Following consultations with representatives from a wide range of religious groups, the airline said it would permit staff to wear a lapel pin symbol such as a Christian cross or Jewish Star of David, the company said.
They took out an Israeli flag and stomped all over the star of David. Then they spit on it.