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tropical American plant having poisonous milk and showy tapering usually scarlet petallike leaves surrounding small yellow flowers

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"John says that according to the Botanical Society Of Britain and Ireland (BSBI) there have been no recorded sightings of Star Of Bethlehem in the area around the park since 1999.
Given the astrological clues embedded in his gospel, he must have believed the story of the Star of Bethlehem would be convincing evidence for many in his audience.
It is the pearl of great price, it is the Star of Bethlehem, it is our faith in a 'fairest Lord Jesus' whom we shall cherish, honor and adore-very much like the wise men who had not read Jewish or Christian scripture, but who chose to follow their hearts and their souls when they saw the Star of Bethlehem.
Either way, for hundreds of years scientists and theologians alike have been perplexed by the origins of the Star of Bethlehem, One of the most recent studies of historical, astronomical and biblical records suggests the event in 6BC was actually a rare planetary alignment, during which the sun, Jupiter, the moon and Saturn all lay in the constellation Aries.
Like the star of Bethlehem that guided the three kings to baby Jesus's location in the manger, the Philippine parol also serves as a beacon to the Philippines for visitors.
Elise Murray, Edinburgh Hi Elise, Ornithogalum, also known as Star of Bethlehem, is a hardy spring-flowering bulb.
The Star of Bethlehem and the Magi: Interdisciplinary Perspectives From Experts on the Ancient Near East, the Greco-Roman World, and Modern Astronomy
THIS time last year on a wet morning in Ireland I met an ancient friend for breakfast and we were joined by a fascinating individual, Colin Nicholl, who said he had written a book on the star of Bethlehem.
Just what could the "star of Bethlehem" have been from an astronomical perspective?
There was music here that male voice choirs have been singing for generations, such as O Holy Night, The Star of Bethlehem and The Holy City, which have the power to take the listener on a journey back to gaslit chapels and Victorian parlours, but there was more up-to-date and rhythmically challenging material too.
She carried a bouquet of champagne and peach roses, dusty pink and ivory Gerbera daisies, white and lavender stock, star of Bethlehem, Queen Anne's lace, and succulent cactus.
My stars in the making from a bounty of bulbs ONE of my latest consignments of bulbs is Ornithogalum arabicum - star of Bethlehem.
It comprises impatiens, star of Bethlehem, rock rose, cherry plum and clematis.