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common Old World herb having grasslike leaves and clusters of star-shaped white flowers with green stripes

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Super Star is our final fast, festive design that begins with a simple star shape and expands much like Star Flower to cover lots of space on your quilts.
A: Lavender star flower has captivating, 10-petaled flowers and decorous, serrated foliage.
Crayons, colouring pens, paint or fabric can be used in the design and the winner will be given a signed and framed star flower picture, drawn by TV artist Tony Hart (right).
It's used with a muslin cloth which helps to exfoliate the skin and it smells divine with its blend of organic antioxidant ingredients such as rosehip seed oil and star flower.
Some of the most beautiful wildflowers of the year - trout lily, marsh marigold, gay wings, star flower, wood anemone and blood root - are beginning their brief but spectacular appearance.
Ornate embellished bed linen, with a purple flower pattern, from pounds 20, plum hanging beaded pendant light, pounds 15, and purple cushions, pounds 5 each; La Belle Vie bed linen, pounds 73, for double duvet cover and laundry bag, pillows pounds 16 each; La Belle Vie feather cushion, pounds 25; La Belle Vie star flower cushion, pounds 25, from Virgin Vie's home collection; Romance bed upholstered in Plum microsuede, from Silentnight, which starts from pounds 519; Purple and gold cushion - pounds 45, from BoConcept; Shanghai Damask China, from pounds 5, from Marks & Spencer
Bearing porcelain blue blossoms on stems that reach only 6 inches tall, spring star flower (Ipheion uniflorum) looks delicate.
Borage which produces star flower oil; quinoa, a maize substitute and echium used in the production of face cream, are amongst the plants which will provide food for thought on future cropping regimes.
I have tried all the lotions and potions and cleansers and antibiotics over many years, including Evening Primrose and Star Flower capsules, tea tree cleansers and moisturisers.
But the bubbly Scot tries to beat the effects of wind, rain and snow by taking a daily dose of Star Flower Oil.
It harbors a variety of botanical rarities for Virginia, including the spotted coralroot orchid and northern star flower.
Naturalessential fatty acids a recrucial and can be found in flax seed, star flower and evening primrose oil.
Ex-Radio 1 DJ Zoe Ball takes vitamin C, E, zinc, iron, ginseng, evening primrose oil and star flower.
Spring star flower (Ipheion uniflorum) is a tough little bulb that produces an abundance of delicate 1- to 2-inch blue star-shaped flowers in late winter and early spring.
At well-stocked nurseries, choices include Anemone blanda, crocus, grape hyacinth, spring star flower (Ipheion), miniature iris (I.