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a steam-powered automobile

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They modernized the Stanley Steamer, making it look more like contemporary gasoline models, began to advertise and refinanced the company.
But a Stanley Steamer, described as a "fragile looking car with bicycle wheels," did it in less than two minutes.
HOT TO TROT From left: The Stanley Steamer, Inspiration in the pits and at full throttle
In doing so, it would break the world record of 204 kilometers per hour set by the American Stanley Steamer in 1906.
The event featured two races of a horse-drawn stagecoach against a 1904 Franklin Roadster and a 1922 Stanley Steamer steam- and kerosene-powered automobile.
7mph was set by Fred Marriot in 1907 driving, or puffing or whatever, a Stanley Steamer, which sounds like it may have also done a nice line in healthy vegetables.
We've had an Aermotor engine display, a truck show and one year recently we had a Stanley Steamer here.
The Stanley Steamer was a technological marvel, setting a world speed record of 122 miles an hour in 1909.
STOW - Imagine what the world would be like if the Stanley Steamer had caught on in 1909 - steam-powered cars would be rolling down Route 495; high gasoline prices would not be an issue.
The Stanley Steamer, powered by water and kerosene, enjoyed domination in the auto carriage trade between 1902 and 1917.
In 1901, a wealthy Detroit businessman named Henry Joy went to New York to buy a Stanley Steamer.
In the contest for steam cars, a Stanley Steamer, described as a"fragile-looking car with bicycle wheels" broke the 2-minute mark.
The Gazette reported that more than 7,000 spectators were on hand to see the various Pierce Arrows, Stanley Steamers, Stevens-Duryeas, Franklins, Peerlesses, Napiers, Pope-Toledos, Mercedeses, etc.
Some historians believe that as late as 1912, demand for Stanley Steamers could have created a mass market due to the company's reputation for quality.