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allowing communication in only one direction at a time, or in telegraphy allowing only one message over a line at a time

having only one part or element

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Remark 4.8 As discussed in Section 3.4, the associahedron [OMEGA]([N.sup.1.sub.x]) has two different Minkowski decompositions: as a positive Minkowski sum [[summation].sub.b] [OMEGA]([N.sup.1.sub.x], b) of the polytopes [OMEGA]([N.sup.1.sub.x], b) associated to each brick b of [N.sup.1.sub.x], or as a Minkowski sum and difference [[summation].sub.I[subset][n-2]] [y.sub.I] [[DELTA].sub.I] of faces [[DELTA].sub.I] of the standard simplex [[DELTA].sub.[n-2]].
Then the Minkowski summand [OMEGA]([B.sup.1.sub.n], b(i, j)) is the face [[DELTA].sub.{i, ..., j-2}] of the standard simplex (up to a translation of vector [11.sub.{1, ..., j-1}[union]{j-1, ..., n-2})].
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