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Synonyms for gravity

Synonyms for gravity

the condition of being grave and of involving serious consequences

high seriousness of manner or bearing

Synonyms for gravity

(physics) the force of attraction between all masses in the universe

a solemn and dignified feeling

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A major lacuna in the standard gravity model, as applied to casinos, is that gaming positions are not the only measure of a casinos mass.
* Total isokinetic work is underestimated by standard gravity corrected techniques.
The results for the standard gravity model variables are as expected: trade and FDI are highly positively related to measures of GDP, GDP per capita, and language similarities, but negatively related to distance between countries.
We assume that [[PHI].sup.P] is determined from a probit estimation of FTA on the standard gravity equation variables (q); no variables are included in z.
The complete model was subjected to a standard gravity loading for the duration of one second, analyzed in 100 time steps.
Algor's easy-to-use Release 12 interface enables point-and-click application of a standard gravity load to any fluid flow model.
For instance, the standard gravity separator has a series of flat plates that are designed to spread the abrasive so that the curtain flowing past the air wash is always uniform [ILLUSTRATION FOR FIGURE 6 OMITTED].
Theorists have proposed that the minute departures from standard gravity may be manifestations of a fifth force -- one that works over distances ranging from a few meters to several kilometers.
The outcome from the programme suggests the resource could be economically treated using standard Gravity Concentration / Carbon in leach (CIL) cyanidation technology.
A standard gravity model is employed to examine the central hypothesis that IntraECO trade has great potential for Pakistan and that the country got lower share than the potential in the Intra-regional trade.
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